Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Have Backed the Scary Godmother Doll

Jill Thompson is running a Kickstarter campaign to manufacture a sharp-looking Scary Godmother doll.

If you really, really hurry, your Kickstarter pledge can get you not only one of the dolls but also a page of Jill Thompson original artwork! The race is on, though. There were 100 pages to start with and the pile has dwindled to just 15 remaining as I write this.

I considered double-pledging to also receive one of the other incentives: a DVD of the Scary Godmother stage play that ran here in Chicago a little over ten years ago. It was great! I took my little hayfamzonders to see it twice and we were blown away by the great costumes and the general wonderfulness of the production.

While the link still works, more information about this campaign and its incentives awaits you right over here.


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