Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dial E for ENOUGH!

DC Comics' New 52 version of Dial H for Hero has just had its last issue published.

The franchise began in the 1960s with Robby Reed helming the dial, then there was the 1980s revival with Carmine Infantino artwork, and now we've had fifteen issues with beautiful Brian Bolland covers. Wait, the Hayfamzone Research Fellowship just reminded me about the 1990s series that ran for 22 issues with Kano artwork. I had forgotten about that go-round! But that's leading in to my point.

Enough is enough!

All these different versions of Dial H had worthwhile benefits, but the concept never achieved traction with the readers to sustain it for more than a couple of dozen issues. So retire the concept already, once and for all. It's a four-time loser. Let the creators wow us with new concepts instead of coaxing one more wheeze out of a horse that can run no more.

The New 52 is overpopulated with retreads that just don't cut it. I'm ready for an overload of freshness instead. Like The Movement. I'm enjoying that title quite a bit. Dial M for Movement.


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