Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The World's Finest Commissions

I met a gentleman named Toby Mays on ebay last week. Toby has built up an extensive collection of commissions featuring a splash page of Batman and Superman, just like they appeared together for so many years in World's Finest Comics, and I thought I'd show you a handful of them. The beauty above is by Shawn McManus and the one below is by John Byrne.
Here's one by Steve Rude:
And this fun one is the handiwork of Chris Giarusso:
You can see many more in Toby's Gallery Room devoted to this series over here, and he's even letting go of some pages in his collection over here on ebay. (I also invite you to take a look over here at Toby's own pencils as inked by a number of different pros that you know.)


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