Saturday, January 05, 2013

In Solidarity with Peter David

Peter David is a great writer. I watched a couple of decades ago as he transitioned out of a staff position at Marvel Comics and became a writer full time. I enjoyed his Spider-Man and Hulk scripts, and then he crossed the street to DC Comics and did a wonderful job on Aquaman and Supergirl, and now he's been back at Marvel writing X-Factor since about forever. I appreciated his style so much that I bought Knight Life, his first novel, when it was published in 1987 (although I have not read it yet. It was Harlan Ellison who said that it would be ridiculous to own a library in which every volume had already been read, right?). Do you remember that Mr. David was the Guest of Honor at the 1995 Chicago Comicon and that it was his suggestion that led to the wonderfully entertaining McLaughlin Group panel at a number of WizardWorld conventions?

You've probably heard that Peter David had a stroke last week. His recovery is off to a very good start and this would be an excellent time to buy some of his books you've been meaning to, to help him out. Mr. David's wife Kathleen has been blogging daily progress reports over here, and that same page has links where Peter's writings can be conveniently purchased. Hooray for Peter David! Our best hayfamzone wishes go out to the gentleman.


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