Monday, October 01, 2012

I Like Brad Meltzer

I enjoy it when my two worlds collide and I can compose a little article that has to do both with comics and with school.

Last week's Parade Magazine featured an essay written by comics writer and novelist Brad Meltzer, in which he thanked his high school English teacher. That's right, he thanked Ms. Spicer for fostering in him a love of reading and writing. I agree with him! Teachers are great! Hooray for teachers! You can read the Parade essay over here.

Brad Meltzer is also great. I enjoyed his 2006 Justice League run (as I mentioned back here in one of the very first Hayfamzone Blog posts) far more than I am enjoying Geoff Johns' current run on the title. Sacrilege? Perhaps, but here in the hayfamzone we don't shy away from the truth. And wouldn't it be nice if some editor could woo Mr. Meltzer away from those novels of his and get him to write a few more comics? Ms. Spicer, will you please have a word with that young man?


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