Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jack Kirby's Young Scott Free

In the spirit of justice I have spoken up on behalf of Vince Colletta in the past, but Mr. Colletta was not my favorite inker for Jack Kirby. Mike Royer was.

So you can imagine how pleased I am to learn that a collector of original comic artwork is in the process of commissioning Mr. Royer to ink some 1971 Fourth World Jack Kirby pencilled artwork that Mr. Colletta previously inked for publication in the comics. (Mr. Royer is also redoing the original John Costanza lettering.) Young Scott Free was the five page backup story that appeared in 1971's Mr. Miracle #5; Page 1 of the new commission is shown above and you can compare it with the published version down below.

I am anxious to see the other four pages of the commission! You can read more about this project and see the original Kirby pencils over here.


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