Friday, September 21, 2012

My Letter to the Chicago Sun-Times

For today I am taking off my comic book fan's cape and instead donning my teacher's smock. Word may have reached you that there was recently a Teachers Strike in Chicago. I probably could not convey to you just how much the very concept of teachers striking makes my blood boil, but I will tell you that I wrote a Letter to the Editor of The Chicago Sun-Times on this matter and they printed it in today's edition of the newspaper.

Teacher strikes are in many locales illegal but in all cases they are immoral. Maybe you'll see what I mean if you read what I wrote:
The school strike is over and now everything is hunky-dory? No it is not. Bitter memories linger in my mind.

There is the memory of a greenhorn mayor whose rank amateurishness at resolving conflict shone brighter than the sun. Maybe Rahm Emanuel should have dialed former Mayor Daley for some advice on how to avoid a strike.

There is also the memory that the teachers union president arrived 90 minutes late for a negotiations meeting on the first day of the strike. I wonder if Karen Lewis would say that she is proud or ashamed that she held hundreds of thousands of innocent children hostage so she and her brothers could get their way.

I'm hoping the sour flavor will dissipate sometime soon but I keep thinking about how all the adults in this scenario acted like children while all the students involved were locked out of their classrooms.


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