Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Manufactured Rarity

The Hypernaturals #1 came out a little while back. I have obtained a copy of the Third Printing of the comic. It must have been somewhat successful if the comic went to a third printing!

I would call this a pretty good comic, with reservations. The artwork is pleasant but some of the pages are overwritten, with more words than artwork on the page. The package as a whole is okay but nothing noteworthy enough to entice me to continue with future issues.

The interesting part of the comic is the story of the cover. Bleeding Cool over here explains that the above-pictured Bill Sienkiewicz variant cover was offered only to dealers who ordered a significantly large number of copies of the standard edition. But not many dealers qualified for the deal so more copies of the Bill S. variant had been printed than were allowed to exist! To be true to the conditions they had promised, BOOM Studios wound up burning many copies of the variant and only fifty remain.

Here's where confusion erupts in this story. At the above link, Bleeding Cool embeds a  YouTube video of the burning of the extra copies. But. What those gents are burning is not Hypernaturals #1; it is Valen the Outcast #1 (of which I have not seen a copy).

Hmmm. I do believe there is (as I'm calling it) a manufactured rarity, but is it of Hypernaturals #1 or of Valen the Outcast #1? Or both?


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