Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Top 50 Superhero Films

Believe me, Superhero Movie pictured above is not on any list of Top Films.

Wtiter Christopher Borrelli seems to be the go-to guy whenever The Chicago Tribune needs an article relating to comic books. Earlier this week the newspaper published his list of the 50 Best Superhero Films since 2002 (and he chooses that year as his baseline because he feels the 2002 release of the first Spider-Man movie corresponds to the opening of the floodgates of films based on superheroes).

Mr. Borrelli's ranking is well-reasoned but his Number Two choice of 2008's The Dark Knight would have been my Number One choice. The online version of the list is formatted as a slideshow countdown and you can inspect it over here.

And, because we always try to give you a bonus when you visit the hayfamzone, here is a link to another Christopher Borrelli story that touches on comics. Entitled The Angst of the Square-Jawed Man, the print version of the article featured a huge drawing of Superman in profile and everybody's favorite Kryptonian is certainly also mentioned in the body of the writeup.


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