Monday, March 26, 2012

Jack Kirby's Jimmy Olsen is Animated

Jeanette has done it again!

Here's the recipe. Take a picture of a 1971 Jack Kirby splash page to Jimmy Olsen #143 which is in The Hayfamzone Collection, watch Jeanette add her Photoshop magic, and stand back while it all gets stirred together. Delicious!

You can see this artwork in its original static form over here. And if you'd like another peek at the published comic covers that Jeanette animated, they're right over here and here.


At 2:50 PM, Blogger Mike Mikulovsky said...

Kool! I'd love this done with comics if of course much more high tech. In color with some great voice actors. Like motion comics but much more vivid colors. Those 1966 Marvel view strips/ like view masters. Colors looked great, they used this sparkly like effect for sound effects, explosions, punches, etc.


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