Tuesday, December 07, 2010


When I saw an article in the Chicago Tribune this morning about a website named hamazon.com, I immediately reached for the phone to speed-dial the Legal Department of the Hayfamzone. Yes, I realized that the website's spoofing was really meant to target "amazon.com," but the name still struck me as just a few millimeters too close to "hayfamzone.com" and around these parts we vigorously protect our trademark!

Imagine my relief when I kept reading and learned that the entire article was a spoof, written by Jeff Poole (a gentleman associated with Second City)! Such a pleasure not to have to head back to court to litigate another encroachment/infringement!

As you already noticed, the online Tribune article I linked to above does not show the graphics that appeared in the print edition of the newspaper so you did not get to see the "screen capture" of "hamazon.com." But, as you know, we go the Extra Mile here in the hayfamzone! Courtesy of Mr. Poole himself (whom I found on that thirty-five billion dollar trifle named Facebook), here is a digital copy of exactly what was printed in the newspaper.

Be warned, potential interlopers! All 13000 results when you do a Google search for "hayfamzone" link to something of mine, and if you try to intercept my public I will come after you!


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