Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Jack Kirby Day to You

Jack Kirby would have been ninety years old today. He is my favorite comic book artist of all time, and every word of every entry in The Hayfamzone Blog is dedicated to him.

Maybe this would be an appropriate occasion for you to take another look at the gallery of my humble collection of Jack Kirby original artwork. Just click here.

I have a separate gallery for artwork not by Jack Kirby but having some connection to him. Curious? One click right here will whisk you away to it and help to quench your inquisitiveness.

In this past Sunday's New York Times there was an appreciative article about the life and work of Jack Kirby. It was on the editorial page, of all places! Please click here if you haven't already read it.

And, as I fully anticipated, Mark Evanier wrote a wonderful piece for his News From Me blog to commemorate today's anniversary. Click here and then scroll down to see what Mark wrote about his former mentor.

The Jack Kirby Weblog has four articles posted today in honor of Jack Kirby Day, as well as links to about a dozen other sites you would want to visit. Just click here.

To cap off my celebration of the day, I'm going to wander off into a corner and re-read one of my favorite Kirby comics. I choose New Gods #7, The Pact!


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