Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to Us!

This month The Hayfamzone Blog quietly celebrated its first anniversary. There were no fireworks, no streamers, not even a balloon. But we're very glad to be here and very appreciative that you take a peek at what we're up to every once in a while.

Maybe you've noticed the time between posts has been lengthening a bit lately, but I don't want to post nonsense or blather just so I can say that I posted something. The Hayfamzone Blog is here for the long haul, and there are many great posts coming in both the near and the far-flung future.

If, in the meantime, you should click in and there's no new post since your last visit, I have a suggestion. Why not dig deeper into the Archive? The list begins over on the right side of this screen. In our first year there have been 43 posts. Have you read them all? There's some fine literature in them thar hills!

I did have a gift for you so we could celebrate this landmark anniversary together, but unfortunately it evaporated. I came across a website that had a dozen still images from the upcoming Dark Knight film, and they were GREAT! For example, there were full-color pictures of Heath Ledger as The Joker that I found far more interesting than the one image of him that has made all the rounds. I'll tell you the website where the images were located in case you're optimistic they might get uploaded again; just click here.

Don't fret about that missed opportunity, though. I'll have many more gifts for you in the future. Onward now, into Year 2 of The Hayfamzone Blog.


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