Thursday, September 24, 2020

Three-Dimensional Mutt & Jeff

Mutt & Jeff comics are kind of fun (although personally I find it funnier when the characters were re-imagined as funny animals in The Fox and the Crow).

But have you ever seen any Mutt & Jeff statues? It turns out there have been many over the decades. The above pair are from 1911 and are described as "chalkware," which apparently is on the order of porcelain.

Down here is a one-piece cast-iron version from 1912, but the facial likenesses are more iffy than the very good likenesses on the chalkware.

These statues can be found on ebay once in a while if you're diligent!

This week I'm auctioning off a 1954 issue of Mutt & Jeff and it can be yours even if you're not all that diligent (all you have to do is click on the "it" and place a bid)!

P.S. Maybe you'd like another look at my classic Mutton Jeff comic strip? Keep in mind that my artwork is merely two-dimensional but it's flatly ready for you over here.


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