Friday, February 01, 2019

DC Bullet Eye-Opener

I have now been reading comic books for 50 years and it's a fun treat for me when I discover something about older comics that I hadn't known previously. Did you realize that genius-of-comics Sheldon Mayer drew the cover of every DC Comics issue of  Mutt and Jeff from #1 in 1939 to the last issue #103 in 1958? I  was amazed by that tidbit when I learned it earlier this year! But that's not the only morsel of amazement I will share with you today. Take a look at the above 1952 cover to Mutt and Jeff #56 and see if you notice anything unusual.

Here, I'll give you a close-up so you can focus your eyes.

For comparison's sake, here's a detail of the cover to an issue of Sensation Comics from the same year.

Of course the Sensation cover has the more standard version of that era's DC logo (or DC bullet, as it's known) with "SUPERMAN" rounding out the upper portion. To the best of my knowledge, incomplete bullets appeared on no other covers but Mutt and Jeff issues. The "SUPERMAN" is missing from the DC bullet on every Mutt and Jeff cover from #56 in 1952 to #72 in 1954.

I do not know why.


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