Sunday, November 30, 2014

Wake Up and Draw Jack Kirby

Do you see the Fantastic Four poster hanging on Jack Kirby's wall in the above photo? I had that poster on my bedroom wall when I was a kid. Maybe you did too. Jack Kirby was the greatest!

The Hero Initiative is a charity that helps comic book artists in need and, this past August 28 on the day that Jack Kirby would have turned 97, artists all over the world woke up and drew a Jack Kirby character and donated their artwork to The Hero Initiative. You can view a video from a couple of years ago of Jack Kirby's granddaughter explaining  about the annual project, over here. The amazing  Phil Hester contributed ninety-seven drawings this year!

This year's drawings are now starting to be auctioned off on ebay and you can see the current offerings over here. Many of the pieces are fabulous and I'm bidding on a couple myself!

      This panoramic masterpiece was drawn by King Kirby himself
      (and is not part of the Hero Initiative auction).


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