Saturday, October 12, 2013

Jack Kirby's Artist Edition

This is the greatest comic book news I've heard all year!

DC Comics has heretofore demurred from collaborating with IDW Publishing on any of their Artist's Editions, but it was announced today that there will be a volume of Jack Kirby's New Gods! I own original artwork from Jimmy Olsen and The Forever People and Mister Miracle but The New Gods is the one Fourth World series I don't own any page from. But now it will be as if I own the artwork to five complete issues of the title!

IDW shoots from the original artwork and prints at full-size and their previous collections have been beautiful. I own three of their earlier ones and back here I told you how wonderful the Joe Kubert Tarzan edition is. And now, the best is yet to come. Like the DC house ad in 1970 told us, KIRBY IS COMING!


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