Friday, October 11, 2013

1973 Artwork by Orz and Pollard

Say, have you paged through your copy of FanInformer #34 lately? Probably not. I might hazard a guess that not many copies of this 1973 fanzine exist anymore (if there were ever many printed to begin with). I sold my copy on ebay last week and I want to take this opportunity, for the sake of historical posterity, to show you a couple of interesting things in that issue.

The drawing above is by Tom Orzechowski. That's right! Before he gained fame as the letterer of The X-Men and other Marvel comics Mr. O dabbled in a bit of drawing. Who knew?

And the page shown below was drawn by Keith Pollard, a year before he turned pro and just a handful of years before he would draw The Fantastic Four and Thor and Spider-Man.

Honestly, where in the world but the hayfamzone are you going to see tasty nuggets like these? The hayfamzone is the place to be!


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