Thursday, April 04, 2013

Three Things About Carmine Infantino

1. Flash of Two Worlds is one of my favorite comic book statues. It perfectly captures the spirit of the Carmine Infantino cover on which it is based by having the feet of both Flashes not touch the ground. Each Flash is instead suspended by having a hand attached to a brick in the wall. Great thinking! (Unfortunately I dropped my Barry Allen Flash figure on the ground and his feet broke off.)

2. When I was a teenager starting up my original art collection, I bought a Silver Age Flash splash page by Mr. Infantino for $9. Being young and flighty I decided I didn't like the page enough, so I sold it. For $10.

3. I have explained before why The Forever People #1 is my favorite comic book of all time, and I have Carmine Infantino to thank for that comic book's existence. It was Mr. Infantino who lured Jack Kirby to DC to create the Forever People and all of his Fourth World. Thank you, Carmine Infantino.


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