Saturday, March 30, 2013

Disappointed in Newsarama

I like Newsarama. Usually.

For years now it has been my main source of comic news. On a regular basis they also publish features like the Ten Best of Something or Other, and the reading experience involves the reader clicking the countdown from #10 to #1. I enjoy those Ten Best lists. Usually.

Yesterday they put up their list of the 10 Best Comic Book Animated Series of All Time. It was no surprise and they were correct to place the wonderful Batman: The Animated Series in the #1 slot, but something they left off the list was an inexcusable oversight.

I've been writing for two years now about how excellent Green Lantern: The Animated Series is, and I recently went so far as to proclaim it as my second-favorite comic book animated series of all time. It is better than each of Newsarama's #2 through #9, and I could even make a case that four of the series they name don't have any business being in the Top Ten at all. All I can figure is that Green Lantern must have slipped Newsarama's mind because there is no way it should have been shut out.

If you'd like to share in my misery you can read the Newsarama Top Ten list over here.

UPDATE! Newsarama tweeted a response to me:


@hayfamzone if it makes you feel better, one of our editors put it in the #3 slot - just not quite high enough to average into the list. :-/


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