Wednesday, April 03, 2013

I Drew Neal Adams

The above photo was posted in a few online oases this week and labelled as "Young Neal Adams." I haven't seen that picture for decades but I recognized it immediately as the reference I used when I drew a likeness of Mr. Adams back in 1978.

Revue magazine was the weekly entertainment section of The Daily Illini (the newspaper where Mr. Roger Ebert got his journalistic start, by the way). I conducted a phone interview with Mr. Adams (who was absolutely my favorite comic book artist at that stage of my comic fan evolution) to coincide with the release of the tabloid-sized Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali comic.

The editor of Revue was comics fan Ken Paulson (who went on to become the editor of USA Today for a few years a few years ago and to whom I introduced you back here) granted my request to draw the cover of the issue that contained my Adams interview, and I display an image of that printed cover down below. I add with a smidgen of pride that I also designed that logo for Revue.

The Adams article itself? I'll share that another day.


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