Saturday, January 12, 2013

DC Database Error

There is a page in the DC Comics Database website that delineates the history and evolution of the "DC" logo that has appeared on their comics covers for eight decades. Milton Glaser's widely appreciated DC Bullet above reigned from 1977 to 2005, but it was shoved aside in favor of the DC Swirl:
Maligned upon its unveiling for being so similar in nature to the Nike Swirl and a multitude of other swirl-based designs, the DC Swirl is said on the DC Database to have been referred to as the DC Spin (although I never heard anyone refer to it as that). The DC Swirl was given the heave-ho in 2012 and replaced with what I will call the DC Peel:
Many observers (including me) believe that the DC Peel is one of the worst logos of all time, not just in comics but anywhere in the business world. Instead of boldly proclaiming its brand, one of its letters is hiding behind the other and this results in both letters of a two-letter logo being obscured? Sheesh!

Anyway, the error on the DC Database page is that there is mistakenly a Peel in the field where the Swirl is being described and the Swirl appears nowhere on the page. How about if we all concentrate really hard and maybe we can collectively will the Peel to appear nowhere also? I would be quite fine with the beautifully bold DC Bullet returning to its rightful prominence on the cover of every DC comic.


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