Friday, December 14, 2012

Mike Sekowsky Would Not Like All This Spam

Every day The Hayfamzone Blog receives one or two comments. Unfortunately, 97% of the time the comments are SPAM! Back in this article I told you how I believe that the boots Mike Sekowsky drew on members of the Justice League look like the Ugg boots of today, and (I'm not kidding here) many of the spam comments I receive are advertisements for Ugg boots!

I delete all those spam comments so Hfz will not look like a garbage dump, but I never delete real and substantive comments. I welcome non-automated comments and encourage you to send me one any time you strongly agree or (especially) disagree with something I've written.

By the way, do you suppose Mr. Sekowsky in the above photo was having that young lady model for his drawing below of Wonder Woman?


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