Thursday, December 06, 2012

Jeopardy! and Comics

Ken Jennings spoke on the radio yesterday morning and I learned that he has a connection to comic books! He mentioned that he is a big comics fan and owns a couple of boxfuls.

I've written previously about how Len Wein's wife Christine Valada had a winning run on Jeopardy, but Ken Jennings' 6-month 75-episode streak as Jeopardy champion about a decade ago is unsurpassed. He revitalized interest in the show for many viewers and he is my favorite Jeopardy player of all time (with Frank Spangenburg being my second favorite).

I did a little digging and found a blog post by Ken Jennings in which he wrote knowingly about Curt Swan's and Mort Weisnger's involvement with Superman, and you can read it for yourself over here. That page also exhibits the other three panels of the Ken-Jennings-as-Superhero comic strip that I am displaying one panel of.

You can follow Ken (or me) on twitter. He has written a new book that you can find out more about over there, and he recently sent out the following interesting comics-related tweet:

In Fantastic 4 comics in France, Human Torch says "Filet mignon!" instead of "Flame on!" and the Thing is called the Je Ne Sais Quoi


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