Friday, November 23, 2012

Steve Ditko's Stalker on YouTube

I was crazy about Stalker when it came out from DC Comics in 1975. The artwork by Steve Ditko and Wally Wood was stunning. The miniseries lasted just four issues but it was a beautiful ride all the way.

Another fan of the comic has just posted a YouTube video of himself paging through the first issue. It's difficult to extract much by viewing it that way but the splendor of the artwork does still shine through. (I'm sorry to say that the bobbing of the camera made me a bit seasick). This guided tour also served as a reminder that Mr. Ditko included a fair number of large panels in that story, and the interior title design made it quite clear that Mr. Ben Oda performed the lettering honors.

I was Viewer Number Five of this video. I wonder what your number will be.


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