Saturday, November 24, 2012

Secret Origin: The DC DVD

I just watched Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics for the first time. I enjoyed it very much.

I am a lifelong fan of DC Comics but still I learned a thing or two. I took a minute to think about it when Neil Gaiman told how he struggled to convince his acquaintances that comic books were a medium and not a genre. The home movies of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were great. And it was just a couple of days ago that I shared with you my "new find" of that black and white still photo of the 1940 Thanksgiving Day Parade Superman float, but this DVD includes color film footage of that same huge balloon!

Neal Adams  and Mark Waid were excellent choices for repeat interview subjects, and I particularly applaud the inspired inclusion of Chip Kidd and Gerard Jones considering both have themselves written books that parallel what they were discussing on this disc.

Here is a fast-paced two-minute trailer for the movie but, if you are even a lukewarm fan of DC Comics, you should watch the entire documentary. You might check for a deal on ebay, but Amazon definitely has it for you.


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