Sunday, October 21, 2012

Marv Wolfman and His Beard

Hey look, it's Marv Wolfman! I very much enjoyed Crisis on Infinite Earths and this is how he looked when he wrote it back in 1985. He's looked the same since the early seventies, right? Then who's this down here?

Also Marv Wolfman! I was surprised to find this photo on his Twitter page because I did not know he had cut off what I would call his signature beard. I would not have recognized the man if his name hadn't been printed right next to the picture.

I decided to dig a little deeper. Todd Klein on his blog reported from this past summer's San Diego Comicon that Mr. Wolfman was sporting a beard again and showed a photo. (Todd's photo is copyrighted so I can't show it here, but you can see it for yourself over here.) The beard is white now but it is back.

You can read a discussion board interchange about Mr. Wolfman and the color of his hair over here, or (much better) you can visit Mr. W's blog over here.


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