Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kirbying! (Jack Kirby's Birthplace, Part 2)

Hey look, it's Jeanette and The Mailman at the doorway of 147 Essex Street in New York City

147 Essex Street does sound familiar, doesn't it? That's correct! It's Jack Kirby's birthplace! Recently I showed you a photo of Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez horsing around at that very same doorway, and it gave me an idea.

You've probably heard of planking, in which people with nothing better to do take pictures of themselves stretched out as flat as a board in weird locations. Well that's just plain stupid. But I realized that it's about time that "Kirby" became a verb and here's how I will define this new word.  

"Kirbying" will hereafter be known as "the practice of taking your picture at Jack Kirby's birthplace." What great fun!

This important building is on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. If you find yourself in Chinatown or Little Italy, you are just a short walk away from 147 Essex Street.

I know just how to get this ball rolling. If you send me a photo of you Kirbying I will publish it right here on The Hayfamzone Blog. I Guarantee it! Hey look, now Jeanette and Tom are Kirbying!


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