Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jack Kirby's Infinty Man

Infinity Man intrigued me back in 1971 when Jack Kirby created him. He lived in some other dimension (which I believe was never shown in great detail) but, when the five Forever People raised the Mother Box over their heads and summoned him, Infinity Man took their place in this dimension. Mr. Kirby had so much story to tell about his Fourth World that he didn't get to show this fun swap as often as I might have preferred.

I've mentioned before that collect original artwork of Jack Kirby characters as drawn by other creators. I liked very much when I saw the above mixed media drawing of Infinity Man show up on ebay last month, so I went ahead and won it. The artist is Eddy Newell, whose 1990s Black Lightning series I enjoyed a great deal. You can visit Eddy's website over here.

I (wink wink) intentionally shot the above photo slightly out of focus for effect, but I will be posting a clearer image in my comicartfans Gallery Room. I invite you to check back right on this same page next week for that link.


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