Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DC Comics Headquarters

Last year, The Hayfamzone Blog gave you a personal little tour of the DC Comics offices in New York City, and you can take another look at that tour over here if you like.

A new  article has shown up online that is in the same vein and it shows some great new photos that I thought you might like to see. The picture above shows the large wall mural featuring many DC Comics characters and signatures of the associated artists. The last two photos in the new article make it clear that the signatures on the wall are actually above the mural. The article is entitled "Working at DC Comics Looks Like  a Dream Job" and you can read it over here.

I always like to give you just a little bit more here on Hfz, and you might like to take a look at this interesting site I found. (You can sign in to that site with Facebook you'll get even more of the scoop!)


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