Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Superhero Tour of New York

Although there have been comic book companies headquartered in Chicago and even in Evanston, Illinois, New York City is pretty much undisputed as being the center of the comic book world. When I was a kid I dreamed of going to New York for the express purpose of visiting DC Comics and Marvel Comics. (Please be sure to see the footnote below!)

Well now you can take a Superhero Tour of New York for $24.99 (or for free if you're under 12 years old). The two-hour walking tour is offered every weekend and visits the building where Batman creator Bob Kane worked as well as the building where Spirit creator Will Eisner had his studios. Also you go inside the Overlook bar where numerous comics artists have added their character to the jam drawing on the walls; the photo above is from Overlook and that Spider-Man at the far left seems to be by John Romita (or would you say it's by Gil Kane?).

You can read articles about the Tour in the Chicago Sun-Times and USA Today, and here is the Tour's website so you can get even more details about the other attractions they visit.

FOOTNOTE:  Although I have still never visited either of those Big Two comics companies, wouldn't you know that The Princess of the Hayfamzone managed to wrangle herself a personal tour of DC Comics last fall! She wisely had her camera with her. Let me show you the Superman statue in their lobby and the way the floors are identified inside the building's elevator and an assistant editor's office. Oh, and how's this for a wall mural!


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