Tuesday, March 01, 2011

One Wolverine or Two Batmen?

Look at the above drawing one way and you see one thing, but change your viewpoint and you see two other things. Isn't that fun?

This is in the same vein as another two-view drawing that made the rounds a few years ago. In that image, you would see either an old, hunched-over hag wearing a cape and hood or you would see a young society girl in a froofy get-up. If you never saw that drawing, we've spared no expense to dig it up for you.

So let's debrief. Did your visit to this blog today bowl you over with a raft of hard-hitting investigative reporting? Well, no. But did you get an eyeful of a candy-coated trifle puffed up with warm, salubrious pockets of air? Ah, yes. There truly is something different to see every time you visit The Hayfamzone Blog!


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