Sunday, December 03, 2006

Gifts to You from the Hayfamzone

Different individuals have introduced me to various websites on the internet that I have come to find indispensible, and I thank them for their consideration. Allow me to share with you now these excellent sites, most of which I myself learned of in just the past twelve months.

Newsarama has the latest breaking news in the world of comic books, and I keep it as the home page on my computer. Click here to see today's news.

The Grand Comics Database is where I go when I need to know information about specific comic books or artists. This site harbors a wealth of information, and its webmasters welcome additional information or corrections. Click here to visit their home page and click here to see one of the pages where they credit me with having made a correction to their database.

ComicArtFans is the mecca for collectors of original art and for artists. Owners of artwork post scans of what is in their collection, and artists post scans of their artwork. Click here for their home page and click here to see links to the various gallery rooms that I maintain on the site.

YouTube is the video-sharing website that has been splashed all over the business pages of daily newspapers lately, and they offer a goodly number of videos that would interest comic collectors. Click here for a video about Jack Kirby narrated by Mark Evanier, and here for a highlight of the 2006 WizardWorld Chicago comics convention, and here for a cleverly-set-to-video recording of the 1965 Merry Marvel Marching Society theme song.

Google Earth has no direct bearing on comic books, but I want to include in my treasure chest to you just because of how sheerly amazing it is. With this free software you can get a fairly close overhead view of any location on earth! Click here for information on how to download the program to your computer.

If there is a great website you'd like to share, please write it to me in a comment. Thank you!


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