Friday, October 27, 2006

UPDATE: Art Baltazar

In my recent blog entry about The Chicago Comicon, I wrote that seeing the great artist Art Baltazar in the Artists Alley has been a highlight of the convention for all of us hayfamzonders the last few years. I told how we've been buying a little painting from him there each year and that I was going to set up a gallery room on to show the world these beautiful little paintings.

Well, I kept my word. The gallery room is up and running and all ready for your visit. Two of the paintings are on 4-inch by 4-inch canvases and one of them is painted right onto a compact disc! Click right here to go see these miniscule masterpieces, and once you're over there you can click on each piece of the artwork to enlarge your view of it. (We own one more of the canvas paintings, but it's currently hiding from us.) Click here to find out more about Art Baltazar himself and his comics.


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