Friday, January 08, 2021

Jack Kirby's Fourth World in Colored Pencil



Craig Hamilton drew a four-issue miniseries starring Aquaman back in 1986. I just looked it up and see that it features an Aquaman costume I had forgotten ever existed as well as an Aquaman logo that had also escaped my memory; the costume was quite horrible but the logo was fairly nice.

Those four issues appear to be the mainstay of Mr. Hamilton's work in comics. Since then he has drawn single stories and pin-ups here and there, but no other sustained work on a comics series.

Well now I've come across a new drawing by Craig Hamilton that I knew I had to share. He has worked on a multi-character poster focusing on Jack Kirby's Fourth World characters. And, peculiarly, the piece is drawn entirely in colored pencil. I hope you like it!


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