Saturday, November 07, 2020

Phil Kelsey Drew Space Ranger


Do you remember Phil Kelsey? What! You never heard of him? 

Okay, I know what you mean. The name Phil Kelsey is not a household word even in comics-friendly households. He was a comic book artist in the 1960s. But not for very long at all!

Phil Kelsey drew exactly ten Space Ranger stories for DC Comics in the early 1960s. Five of these stories were printed in Tales of the Unexpected #78 through #82, beginning in 1963, and then the other five were printed in Mystery in Space #92 through #95, ending in 1964. Phil Kelsey never drew another comic book story after that. (I am showing the Space Ranger story from Unexpected #80 in the photos on this page.)

I located one mention of Phil Kelsey on the internet that indicates that the gentleman worked in advertising art before his stint in comics, but that one tidbit is the one and only piece of information I could find.

I did find reference to an artist named Phil Kelsey Jr. who I'm thinking might very well be the son of the artist who drew Space Ranger. I am sending a message to Phil Kelsey Jr. and I will post an update if I find out more.


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