Thursday, March 22, 2018

Jambi and Gambi

The tailor and confidante in the Black Lightning universe is named Peter Gambi (shown below). Involuntarily my mind wanders off to recall the Genie-in-a-Box and confidante in the Pee-Wee Herman universe named Jambi (shown above). Am I the only one that makes connections like this?

Maybe it's slipped some of your minds that a decade and a half before 1977 when Black Lightning was created, Paul Gambi was tailor and confidante at the center of the Flash universe (an early 1960s appearance from Flash comics being shown below). The later creation Peter Gambi was revealed to be the brother of Paul Gambi. Does everybody remember that Flash writer John Broome and editor Julius Schwartz coined the Paul Gambi character name as an homage to real-life Flash fan Paul Gambaccini (who had many, many Letters to the Editor published in Flash comics). It pays off to be a fan!


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