Saturday, March 14, 2015

Jimmy Olsen is Now a New God?

I found out while reading newsarama today that Superman's friend Jimmy Olsen has been elevated to the status of a New God. I wholeheartedly approve! I had thought previously that an individual could be a New God only by birth, but this is a fine twist on the Fourth World mythos.

I wonder if you agree with me that Jimmy's role in the DC Universe has been on a parallel track with that of Rick Jones in the Marvel Universe, what with them both starting out as sidekicks but ultimately becoming so much more? Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Stan Lee said to himself that The Hulk needed a Jimmy Olsen of his own as he created young Rick.

All this talk of Jimmy seems like a wonderful opportunity to take another look at Jeanette's animation of the Jack Kirby Jimmy Olsen splash page that I am very pleased and proud to own!


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