Saturday, May 12, 2012

Stan Lee (and Jack Kirby)

I just saw a nice article about the life and current activities of Stan Lee and it's good enough to share. There are also a few paragraphs about Jack Kirby and you can read the writeup for yourself over here.

By the way, I am a proud owner of Randy Bowen's Jack Kirby and Stan Lee busts. I've been wondering (as have some other gents in various locations across the internet) whether there were ever any other statues produced in that Creator Busts series. My guess is a resounding "no" but I have just directed a query to Bowen Designs and I'll be sure to let you know if I'm wrong.

UPDATE on 5/14/2012
Heather at Bowen Designs writes the following:
Hi Brian,
 Thanks for your interest. The Kirby and Lee busts are the only creators that have been featured so far. If something develops in the future, we will post the information on our website.
Bowen Designs


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