Thursday, August 18, 2011


Many of you enjoyed the tour of the DC Comics offices presented by the Princess of the hayfamzone right here in The Hayfamzone Blog a couple of weeks ago, so you might find this update interesting.

We recently found out that the Princess of the hayfamzone (let's call her Poth for short) appears on-screen in a major Hollywood film! The image above is a frame from the movie.

Poth was interning a couple of years back at Holographic Studios in New York City and some movie-makers approached owner Jason Sapan about using his storefront for a scene in their movie. Mr. Sapan (who is better known to his coterie as Dr. Laser) said yes, as long as they would agree to include Poth in their movie!

Movie-making ensued and memories faded. Dr. Laser was in a video store a few weeks ago and discovered that the movie had been finished and released and he called up Poth to reveal the news. The name of the 2009 release is Breaking Point and, if you have a Netflix account, you can watch it instantly by looking here. It features Tom Berenger and Busta Rhymes and Poth and it seems to have earned itself 3 stars out of 5!

If you would like to learn more about Holographic Studios, just click here. The studios include a gallery of holograms and it is open to visitors on weekday afternoons. Dr. Laser has a long resume including having been a consultant on the Tom Cruise movie Vanilla Sky.

What's next on the plate for Poth? Let's all keep in mind that this is a comic book blog and  not a movie blog! We've proposed to Poth that maybe she could honor us with a photo tour of the Marvel Comics offices and rumor has it that she is pondering the proposal. Fingers crossed!


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