Friday, February 26, 2021

Identify These Supermen



This week's edition of Entertainment Weekly has 

a fun puzzle that shows you quarter-faces of

four different actors who have played Superman.

The goal is to name each actor and the vehicle

in which each actor starred.

The complexity of the puzzle is multiplied by

the fact that the photo I took is quite grainy but, 

come on, you're up to the challenge.

Here, I can print it larger to give you a hand.



I do have

the list of


so you can 

check that

you were

correct but,

to help you 

resist peeking

I am


this column

so you will

have to scroll

down to see

the names.

Wait one


while I 

stretch it

down a 

little farther 










Yay, that photo is not the least bit grainy.

To reward you for being such a good sport about all that scrolling, just click here for a bonus article that shows you fourteen different actors who have played The Man of Steel. Up, up, and away!


Friday, February 19, 2021

Stan Lee's 1968 TV Talk Show


 Stan Lee tried his hand at a talk show in 1968!


It's not about comics but it is Stan Lee, rapping 

with three dudes for an hour about 

then-current events  and society.


The episode is an interesting snapshot of an era and maybe you'd like to watch it for yourself:

Friday, February 12, 2021

Batman by Mike and by Michael

I happened upon

a couple of nice

Batman drawings

that you may not

have come across.

This one is

by Mike Zeck:



and here is one

by Michael Golden:





Saturday, January 30, 2021

Hidden Logo


Up above I'm showing you the cover of a 1949 comic with a Matt Baker cover.  It looks like an issue of Diary Secrets, right? Actually no. Here, let's focus in a little closer.

Let's zoom in even closer still.

Aha! The truth is revealed! In fact this is Blue Ribbon Comics #2! St. John Publishing apparently was pretty good at keeping a Secret!

Friday, January 29, 2021

Batman by Sanjulian

When somebody says "Sanjulian," what do you think of?

I think of the black-and-white magazines that James Warren published! Sanjulian painted covers for Creepy and Eerie and Vampirella throughout the 1970s.

But I never saw a superhero from his brush, until yesterday. I stumbled across a Batman painting by the gentleman and I thought I'd share it. Nice, right? (By the way, Sanjulian was born Manuel Perez-Sanjulian Clemente in Spain in 1941.)

Here's a better look at his Batman.

Friday, January 22, 2021

A Surprising Comics Code Seal


The Comics Code Authority seal began appearing on comic book covers in 1955. You can spot it in the upper right hand corner of Charlton's 1957 Fightin' Navy #78 up above. But there's something unusual about that particular comic. The Comics Code seal also appears on page 1!


Maybe this was a standard practice of Charlton Comics in all of their comics in or around 1957? I don't have any other 1957 Charltons within ready reach so I'm just going to mutter "Hmmm, that's interesting" and leave it at that.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Famous Comic Book Creators Cards


Famous Comic Book Creators! Eclipse Comics published this set of 110 numbered cards back in 1992 (109 creators plus one index card). I knew about the cards back then but took a pass; decades flowing under the bridge have raised my curiosity level regarding the cards so last week I purchased a set on ebay

Curt Swan, Wally Wood, Al Williamson, and 106 others.

It's a very nice set but I do wonder about the politics of it. I admire every creator who got included but I'm startled that forces of nature like Stan Lee and Joe Kubert are not in the deck. Maybe a second set of cards was planned to catch all the fish that got away from this set? Anyway, here is an eBay link in case you'd like to nab these Famous Creators for yourself.

Now who do you suppose they honored with the kingfish position of Card #100? Correct! None other than the King of Comics himself, Mr. Jack Kirby! This card I have to display just a bit larger than the others.