Friday, May 29, 2015

A Visit to the DC Comics Offices

I never went. I wanted to but it never happened. And now it never will.

When I was a kid the only place I ever dreamed of traveling to was New York City for the express purpose of visiting the editorial offices of DC Comics. Kids!

As an adult I've been to New York City a few times (as you know from reading this blog post about Jack Kirby original artwork that I viewed at The Jewish Museum back during the infancy of the hayfamzone) but never anywhere near the DC offices.

Now that DC is completing its long-planned move to Los Angeles, no longer does there even exist any DC offices to visit in New York! So I've moved on to other items on my list.

Please remember though that the world traveler named Jeanette did visit the NYC DC offices a while back and she shared her findings with us. Here is another look at the great photos that Jeanette snapped of  the way the floors were identified inside the building's elevator and of an assistant editor's office

And have you ever seen an image of the huge and fabulous wall mural they had? I hope they were able to take that with to Los Angeles!


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