Friday, August 29, 2014

The Hayfamzone Blog

Happy birthday to The Hayfamzone Blog!

We turned 8 years old earlier this month and we are now charging into our 9th year. Comics fans in over a dozen countries each day check in on our latest doings and we're always striving to stretch our sticky tentacles a bit farther. For example, the Hayfamzone Board of Directors is toying with the idea of ordering a magnetic placard to slap on the side of the Hayfamzonemobile and we'll be sure to show what that looks like if the motion gets approved.

In the meantime, you might have a little fun seeing the results from an image search of "The Hayfamzone Blog" and you can investigate those for yourself right over here. Clicking on any one of those images will then whisk you over to a Hayfamzone Blog article related to that image. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Rushed Jack Kirby Day Portrait

It's Jack Kirby Day at last!

Somewhere in New York state King Kirby Ale is being sipped and Kirby fans all over the world are reflecting on all the wonder that The Great One has sprinkled onto their lives.

I had planned to put a significant effort into drawing a nice Kirby portrait to commemorate the occasion like I did last year but (as usual) my account at The Reservoir of Spare Time was pathetically overdrawn and all I could muster was the two minutes it took to produce the well-meaning image seen above.

Keep watching The Hayfamzone Blog for more and better drawings of and inspired by Jack Kirby in the future but, in the meantime, I'll add my voice to the deafening multitudes as I shout

Hooray for Jack Kirby!

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Jack Kirby's The Presence

Have you previously seen Jack Kirby's The Presence? Artist Robert Hack inked the vintage character design pencils and you see the stunning results above.

There's plenty more where that came from if you're curious enough to investigate the Kirby thread on the deviantART website!

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Jack Kirby Day 2014 is Coming

The above spot-on portrait of Mr. Jack Kirby by Ashley Holt was one of the entries in last year's Annual Portrait Gallery honoring The King of Comics. The Gallery is sponsored by Kirby-Vision and housed in The Kirby Museum.

Drawings from one and all are being solicited for this year's Portrait Gallery starting right now. Please look right over here for details.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Family Orchestra Conductor Jack Kirby in 1958

Last year The Comics Journal posted an extensive article about Jack Kirby and it somehow escaped my notice until this week. It includes a number of vintage photographs I hadn't seen before like the fun one above.  You can read the entire article and see all the photos over here.

Crack open the King Kirby Ale and let's all holler Hooray for Jack Kirby!

These "Comic Books" are Very Bad

Back here and here I shared my outrage with you at one newspaper writer's use of the phrase "comic book hair" regarding the brightly-colored locks of a mass murderer, and now I find out there is an even more widespread pejorative use of "comic book."

The livelihood of trucking hinges on an individual driving. And driving. And driving.

Sometimes a trucker might decide to keep rolling even when his alertness is impaired; for public safety there are laws limiting the length of time a trucker an drive consecutively. Keeping a driving log electronically is catching on but many truckers still handwrite their log on paper. Of course this system is rife with the possibility for abuse.

Paper logs are viewed with such skepticism in the law enforcement community that they're often referred to as "comic books," said Stephen Keppler, executive director of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, which represents motor safety officials.

The full article that contains the above quote is over here.