Saturday, September 27, 2008

Maybe Your Eyes Are Better Than Mine?

Do you realize that The Hayfamzone Blog has now entered its third year? Yes! Hooray for us! But with an advancement in age comes a decline in acuity, and I seek your assistance.

Last week's Sunday New York Times featured a profile of French designer Jacques Grange. Maybe you saw it. The spread included a wide variety of photos, including one of Monsieur Grange's bedroom. The accompanying caption states that he "is known for his playfulness, like framing old comic strips to use as wallpaper in his bedroom." What's shown on the wall, however, are quite clearly pages of original artwork and not merely 'old comic strips.' (Maybe the caption writer didn't know any better.)

I'm far from an expert in identifying comic strip artwork. In the photo, though, I can see the logos of a Steve Canyon and a Tarzan and two Prince Valiants. I just wish I knew what the rest of the pieces were. Why? It's my goal to know everything, of course.

I believe I have altered the settings of this blog so that now anyone can leave a comment for me, and the online presentation of the Grange article is a fun collage that makes you dizzy when you move your mouse around. So please let me know if you can make out any of the other artwork when you look here. Thanks!


At 3:59 AM, Blogger Valerie M. said...

It's Pierre Passebon's bedroom; Pierre is JG's companion and owns Galerie du Passage in Paris.

At 9:34 PM, Anonymous Jeanette Crétien said...

hmmm. i'm not sure, val. according to the new york times caption of the photo, it is indeed Jacques Grange's room.

congrats on a third year, hayfamzone!


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