Saturday, March 14, 2015

Jimmy Olsen is Now a New God?

I found out while reading newsarama today that Superman's friend Jimmy Olsen has been elevated to the status of a New God. I wholeheartedly approve! I had thought previously that an individual could be a New God only by birth, but this is a fine twist on the Fourth World mythos.

I wonder if you agree with me that Jimmy's role in the DC Universe has been on a parallel track with that of Rick Jones in the Marvel Universe, what with them both starting out as sidekicks but ultimately becoming so much more? Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Stan Lee said to himself that The Hulk needed a Jimmy Olsen of his own as he created young Rick.

All this talk of Jimmy seems like a wonderful opportunity to take another look at Jeanette's animation of the Jack Kirby Jimmy Olsen splash page that I am very pleased and proud to own!

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Let's Get Daring, Archie!

New Archie by Fiona Staples

Probably by now you've heard that, in the near future, Archie Andrews and the cast of Riverdale High characters will be drawn in a less cartoony style. Please don't be disturbed at me quoting The Joker when I ask "Why so serious?"

Why not draw the kids with eggheads, like on the cover of Archie's Madhouse #10?

Or how about as triangle-heads, as on #3?

Let's face it, reality is overrated!