Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Other Bookend, Anachronistically

You've been very patient!

I've been off stepping up my comic sales on ebay and generally keeping very busy, to the detriment of this wonderful blog. I haven't forgotten about you and I will be making it up to you!

When I initiated The Hayfamzone Blog almost four years ago (!), it fit into my schedule very well to post an article practically every week. Then things settled back a bit and for a long stretch I was posting once a month like clockwork. Last summer the edges of reality frayed a little bit for me and I haven't posted anything for many months.

But now I'm back!

I have many things that I've been meaning to tell you and that's what I'll be doing. I'm very comfortable with the once-a-month schedule so that's what I'll be getting back to, eventually. But in the meantime I'll be playing catch-up and posting at an accelerated rate, because I owe you an article for each month I didn't post!

Maybe you noticed that this article is dated 31 October 2009? Well, Happy Halloween! But guess what? I'm actually typing this on 23 April 2010. All those months that I wasn't blogging I was at least thinking about blogging, and month by month I reserved one post-date for each calendar month since last October. I did that because I like the archive of articles to have something catalogued for each month of each year. (Sorry, I can't help the way I am about some things!) To avoid any confusion on anybody's part and in the spirit of full disclosure, I will include with each article the true date on which I was writing it. Don't worry, in no time at all I will be caught up and the date-of-writing and the banner date will be identical.

Things began going awry for me last summer around the time I blogged that I had just read Blackest Night #1. Since the final issue of that 8-issue series was recently published, it made sense to me to let the ending of Blackest Night correlate with an end to the silence of this blog. The time has come to re-ignite and reinvigorate. Truly it is now the beginning of the Brightest Day! (And, having read issue zero of Brightest Day, I have to say I'm looking forward to seeing how that new series plays out...)

Again, thank you for your patience. The best is yet to come.