Monday, December 31, 2007

Your New Year's Gift from the Hayfamzone!

I've written before about my appreciation for the Fox and Crow comics that DC published from the middle 1940s until the middle 1960s, and I believe even at the time of that writing I lamented that I had never seen a single one of the Fox and Crow cartoons that had led to the publication of the pair's adventures in comic book form.

It's the age of YouTube, I said to myself, and surely someone must have posted a Fox and Crow cartoon for all to see. And they have! Here are links that will allow you to watch five great cartoons:

The first appearance of the Fox and the Crow was in Fox and Grapes from 1941. Click here.

Room and Bored is from 1943. Click here.

Way Down Yonder in the Corn (!) is also from 1943. Click here.

Dream Kids is from 1944. Click here.

Apparently no copy of Mysto Fox from 1947 exists in its original full-color form, but here is a black and white version that collector Lee Glover is nice enough to share with us. Click here and scroll down a little bit to see the screen.

As I was exhaustively doing this research on your behalf, I saw that quite a few individuals were clamoring for the manufacture of a DVD set. Maybe that will yet happen. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these five samples.

Happy New Year!