Friday, January 01, 2021

Young Stan and Super-Stan


For many decades, Stan Lee was the face of Marvel Comics. I would go farther and propose that he was the face of all comic books seeing as how he was the least anonymous of all the comics creators. But in his later years his status was amplified even more. His wonderful cameo appearances in the many Marvel films uplifted him from trivia-game answer to well-known celebrity and national treasure. Here now are a couple of images of Stan that you may not have stumbled across before. 

Above is Young Stan. Such a happy kid! The photo is undated but it would be from the mid-1930s.

Down below is a drawing by Neal Adams of Super-Stan.  Mr. Adams was of course riffing on his own 1971 cover of Superman #233.

I first saw Stan Lee in person at the 1976 Chicago Comicon, and then dozens of times after that at other comic conventions. It was always a pleasure! 


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