Friday, January 15, 2021

Famous Comic Book Creators Cards


Famous Comic Book Creators! Eclipse Comics published this set of 110 numbered cards back in 1992 (109 creators plus one index card). I knew about the cards back then but took a pass; decades flowing under the bridge have raised my curiosity level regarding the cards so last week I purchased a set on ebay

Curt Swan, Wally Wood, Al Williamson, and 106 others.

It's a very nice set but I do wonder about the politics of it. I admire every creator who got included but I'm startled that forces of nature like Stan Lee and Joe Kubert are not in the deck. Maybe a second set of cards was planned to catch all the fish that got away from this set? Anyway, here is an eBay link in case you'd like to nab these Famous Creators for yourself.

Now who do you suppose they honored with the kingfish position of Card #100? Correct! None other than the King of Comics himself, Mr. Jack Kirby! This card I have to display just a bit larger than the others.


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