Friday, November 20, 2020

Batgirl as You Never Saw Her Before


The other day I saw the above unusual drawing of Batgirl and I knew I wanted to show it around. The original drawing sold on ebay for quite a bit (and the buyer got an excellent deal).

 I wrote to the artist asking him to tell me a little about himself so I could share that also. I had assumed he was a fan artist like me and so many others, but no! He is a professional with a full resume.

Mike Maihack is the artist. Mike usually draws digitally but, for the fun of it, he drew Batgirl and Supergirl on paper every day of October 2020. The above Batgirl piece is one of those October drawings.

Mike is a big fan of Barbara and Kara and he describes his drawings of them as fan art. But professionally he draws his Cleopatra in Space for Scholastic, and

she has even been developed as an animated series. How about that!

You can check over here on ebay if Mike posts an auction for any more of his artwork in the future, but in the meantime how about one more LARGER look at his Batgirl!


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